Plaidoyer pour des vrais sanitaires partout dans le monde

More than . billion people – roughly  percent of the world’s populaon – lack what most of us take for granted: a toilet. The Year’s purpose is to raise awareness about this crisis and galvanise acon to address it. The Millennium Development sanitaon target is to reduce by half the propor- on of people without a toilet between  and . Making the target a reality is crical to economic growth, to people’s health, to women’s empowerment, and to environmental sustainability. In fact, beer sanitaon will further all the Millennium Development Goals. In addion, sanitaon is one of the best investments a country can make: on average, every dollar invested yields benefits that can be valued at nine dollars. Expanding sanitaon coverage is not rocket-science. We know how to do it – by generang demand, mobilising communies, and appealing to people’s desires for convenience, cleanliness, safety, privacy, pride, and presge. Business-as-usual won’t work, but with polical will, major progress on sanitaon is possible – even for the poorest countries.

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